Konsthall323 in a Hilly Terrain

Join us on Saturday, September 15th for an exhibition and discussion with Frida Krohn and Ylva Trapp. Krohn and Trapp are artists and co-operators of Konsthall 323, a roving exhibition space currently based in the area of Stockholm, Sweden. They will be looking to have a conversation about the hilly terrain of self-organized practiceand are hoping for advice on sustaining such practices when times are tough. If you have any thoughts please come prepared.
We will be barbecuing for this event! Limited food will be available but please feel free to bring something to grill.

The presentation Konsthall 323 in a Hilly Terrain is a continuation of an exchange between members of Duplex and the studio collective Slakthusateljéerna in Stockholm, Sweden.


Konsthall 323 is an art-institution in a car. Run by Frida Krohn and Ylva Trapp since 2009.

Frida Krohn and Ylva Trapp are artists based in Stockholm, Sweden who have maintained a collaborative practice for the past 12 years. This practice has been nurtured by shared interests in self-organised practices, formats for showing art, and the question of whether if their methods of dealing with the practice of art are an effective way of maneuvering through a sometimes complicated profession.